Green shading represents countries with a population specific validated BSS-R Orange shading represents countries using the BSS-R and yet to produce a validated scale Red shading represents countries yet to request to use the BSS-R

The Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised (BSS-R) ©

A validated survey tool to advance research and evidence-based practice in relation to women’s experiences of childbirth

About The Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised (BSS-R) ©

The BSS-R © is co-owned by Prof Caroline J Hollins Martin and Prof Colin R Martin who hold the copyright. The BSS-R is a tool designed to measure women’s experiences of childbirth. The BSS-R was developed by Hollins Martin and Martin in 2014. The BSS-R is a 10-item valid, reliable, quick and easy self-complete measure of women’s birth satisfaction post-delivery.

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What is the BSS-R?

The BSS-R is a 10-item multi-factorial psychometrically robust tool developed and co-owned by Professor Caroline J Hollins Martin and Prof Colin R Martin.

The BSS-R is the lead international clinical measure of birth satisfaction and is used to assess women’s perceptions of care provided and experiences of care provided during labour and childbirth.

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Language specific BSS-R’s

Since the ICHOM started recommending the BSS-R as the measure of choice for evaluating quality of intranatal care worldwide, there have been numerous requests for its use.


Publications relating to the BSS-R

Many studies carried out world-wide have used the BSS-R (see Table 1), with end product impacts upon clinical and research outcomes.


Advised psychometrics

There are a number of ways to evaluate the psychometric properties of a newly translated version of the BSS-R.